If you have carpets of the right colour and texture, they will make the space feel comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. But, different carpets need special cleaning as they are made of various materials and textures. Only some of the carpets require similar maintenance. In this blog, learn about different carpet cleaning in Weybridge and what type of carpet demands professional cleaning the most.

Types of Carpets Demand for Professional Cleaning the Most

Most of the carpets are made of nylon, wool, and polyester. Each type requires a slightly different cleaning procedure to keep them good for a long time. The actual manufacturing of the carpet has an impact on cleaning, too. The maintenance of the carpets also depends upon the piping style of the carpets.


In residential buildings, the nylon carpets are largely used. They are placed in front of the bathrooms, in garden areas or in areas with more traffic. The nylon carpets are mostly resistant to stains and do not need thorough cleaning. They can be maintained easily. The nylon material is strong and combats extreme wear and tear. 

Many homeowners choose nylon carpeting as it can be put in most soiled areas and does not need to be cleaned by shampoo like other carpet varieties.


Carpets are made up of synthetic material, too. This means they are a mixture of nylon, wool and other chemically treated fabrics. Like nylon carpets, many synthetic ones also need less maintenance and cleaning due to their resistance to stains and dust particles.

Polyester is another popular material used for making carpets. They require very little care and are resistant to stains like spills, drinks and pet liquid waste. However, polyester carpets wear down fast when exposed to oil-based stains.


Wool is one of the most common types of natural carpets you will find. Apart from wool, you might also get jute, sisal, and sea grass and cotton carpets. Jute and bamboo carpets are the better options for homes.

Wool is delicate when exposed to stains and spills. You need to be sure that you clean woollen carpets daily. However, jute fibre is fairly durable and easy to clean. They are comfortable and soft, too. The bamboo silk carpets are highly delicate. They are natural and luxurious, too. They react poorly to water. They are used in low-traffic areas and need professional carpet cleaning in Weybridge.

There are many types of carpets you can get in the market. They are made up of different materials and have different pile proportions—these impact how they are treated and how they can handle stains. Even the most resistant type of carpet needs a proper, thorough cleaning.

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