Adding carpets to the house to adorn the beauty of the rooms is essential. However, a dirty carpet will not do any good. You need to keep your carpets clean. Is it that simple? Practical ways of keeping the carpet clean can be different. Steam and dry cleaning are two popular carpet cleaning methods that every professional company undertakes. Both methods have their own set of merits and disadvantages. However, based on the type of dirt and stains in your carpet, you should select the cleaning method.

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Differences between steam and dry cleaning

There are moments when your little friend may commit some mistake. One of the common things among them is relieving them on the carpet. After you spot it, you must immediately put the carpet aside. Rather than rebuking your pet, it is much needed to contact a professional in carpet cleaning in Weybridge.

1. Steam cleaning

This method is also known as the hot water extraction method, and the carpet is cleaned using water and steam. The carpet cleaners have a special set of tools to spray hot water on the carpet. This water is generally mixed with detergent and sprayed on the surface to clean the carpet. The steam penetrates the depth and corners of the fibres and removes all types of bacteria.

2. Dry cleaning

On the contrary, dry cleaning is the most suitable method if you want a non-water-based cleaning process. Here the professionals generally use chemical solvents and spray the same on the carpet for deep cleaning. As the solvent evaporates, the dirt and traces of stains are removed gradually. It might not penetrate the pores of the carpet as effectively as the steam cleaning method.

Which is a better option?

As per professionals, steam cleaning is more effective and long-lasting. During steam cleaning, the steam and water penetrate deep into the fabrics and surfaces more quickly and effectively than the dry cleaning method.

Moreover, steam cleaning methods are more adaptable than dry cleaning. Steam cleaning is suitable for all types of carpet surfaces, from carpets to tiles. It is also an effective method to remove all types of bacteria, allergens, mites, dust and stains. Since the temperature of the steam is generally high, it kills and terminates all types of dust and allergens. Moreover, steam does not contain any chemical solution; hence, it is also an eco-friendly option.

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