Carpets can get dirty over time. This is an unavoidable truth of life. However, fret not as it is possible to make your carpet look as good as a new one. You can easily call a professional for carpet cleaning in Sunbury to keep your carpet clean. However, the complex part arises after the cleaning has been completed. Many people do not know how to take proper care of the carpets after cleaning. This can damage the quality of the carpet. You might not be able to get it cleaned the second time and would rather need to replace it at a high cost.

Here are a few things you can do to keep your carpets clean after the service.

Five Tips to Help you Take Care of Your Carpet After Cleaning

1. Keep children and pets away

Ensure you keep children and pets away from the carpet once cleaned. They tend to bring dust and debris along with them.

2. Keep detergents and sanitisers away

Avoiding using sanitiser and detergent on the newly cleaned carpet is always a good decision. Since the professionals have already used chemicals hence further usage of soaps and detergent can damage the quality of the carpet.

3. Keep carpets dry

Drying the carpets for around 24 hours without foot fall after the servicing has been completed is usually a good practice. This prevents the carpet from getting rippled. The cleaning service professionals need help with a rippled carpet.

4. Keep rusted furniture away

Ensure you keep every type of rusted furniture piece away from the newly cleaned carpet. Rust can leave a stain on the carpet, which might get difficult to be removed even during the next cleaning service.

5. Keep vacuum cleaners away

It is a bad practice to vacuum the carpet right after cleaning it. Professionals generally use coatings and protectants to keep the carpet clean. Ensure you don’t vacuum, which will move the coatings and make the carpet vulnerable.

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