A carpet is a valuable addition to your home. It enhances the overall aesthetics of your interiors significantly. However, you should opt for regular maintenance to keep its condition intact. The cleaning work can help remove different kinds of stains and dirt from the carpet.

Remove Dirt and Allergens from Carpet:

Getting help from a professional carpet cleaning in Sunbury will save you from doing all the hard work yourself. With their help, you can eliminate hard stains, allergens and bacteria. They can also help remove mould from your valuable interior decoration element.

How Can Professionals Remove Moulds from Carpet?

Removing mould from your carpet can be extensive work. However, a professional can perform this task effortlessly with some simple steps. More about this is discussed in this blog.

  • Safety Wears: Moulds are allergens that can negatively affect the skin. The cleaners wear safety apparel like goggles, covers and a face mask to overcome the effects. The safety wears prevent the mould from penetrating the body through the skin pores. In order to prevent the spreading of mould in other facilities, the cleaners also close the doors of your room during the treatment.
  • Drying the Carpets: Keeping the carpet dry is a necessary requirement to prevent mould formation. If your carpet is movable, the cleaners will take it out in the sunlight and dry it for at least a day. If not possible, the carpet should be dried with the help of dehumidifiers. They may also use a fan to remove the excess moisture in the carpet that causes mould formation.
  • Applying Solution: Once the carpet is dried, the cleaning service goes on with the next vital step. They start spraying anti mould solution on the carpet. This process sometimes overlaps with the general carpet cleaning process. For better effects, the solution is sprayed on the carpet’s top and bottom surfaces.
  • Agents Used for Mould Removal: Though some carpet cleaners may use specialised solutions, most use a basic cleaning agent. This involves Hydrogen Peroxide or other bleaching agents. These can help to remove the mould and return the original aesthetics of the carpet.

Removing mould from the carpet is a vital requirement to maintain health and aesthetics. If you want it to be removed by a professional source, consult Nick Lewis Cleaning Services. We are one of the leading names in carpet cleaning in Sunbury. Contact us today to get quality service in carpet cleaning and mould removal.