Regular vacuuming is a convenient way to keep the carpets clean and maintained. It helps to keep the carpets spotless. However, along with the vacuuming process, people made a few mistakes with the carpet cleaning process. This can deteriorate the quality of the carpet. If you’re about to clean the carpet all by yourself, then make sure you avoid the typical carpet cleaning mistakes associated with the same. Even if you’re cleaning the same regularly, make sure that you hire professionals in Weybridge for a once-a-month carpet cleaning service.

Common Mistakes to Avoid During The Carpet Cleaning Process

1. Do not wet the carpet

Wetting the carpet is not a part of the cleaning process. Soaking the carpet in soap water will not do any good to the same. The fibres in the carpet will get damaged and might eventually lead to discolouration. Hence, always avoid this technique as a part of the carpet cleaning process. If water accidentally falls on the carpet, immediately dry it up so the material is not damaged.

2. Do not over-scrub the carpet

Scrubbing is a part of the natural carpet cleaning process. However, over-scrubbing is not recommended. Scrubbing is done to remove the dust from the carpet’s fibre. Over-scrubbing, on the other hand, will damage the texture of the carpet. Make sure you use soft bristles for the scrubbing process so that the quality of the carpet’s surface is maintained.

3. Do not use high chemical-containing cleaners

High chemicals containing cleaners are harmful to the carpets. They are generally the wrong cleaning solutions and damage the natural fibres of the carpet. Ask professionals for advice if you need clarification on the type of cleaner you need to use.

4. Do not refrain from doing a spot test

It is always advisable to conduct a spot test on a corner or the carpet so that you understand the effect of the cleaner on the same. If the cleaner has some side effects, it will be visible on patches of the carpet during the test. Wait for some time, check whether the solution is exhibiting any discolouration on the carpet, and decide accordingly.

5. Do not use faulty cleaning tools

Using cheap and damaged cleaning tools can damage the carpet. An adverse effect is generated for the DIY cleaning process if you’re using faulty cleaning tools. Make sure you avoid them.

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