Cleaning the carpet is a part of maintaining hygiene within the house. Carpets might otherwise look clean; however, they are a secret breeding ground for bacteria, allergens and dust. Especially if you’ve pets and children at home, keeping the carpets clean is essential. Deep cleaning of carpets every few months ensures the carpet smells good and looks fresh. Instead of trying a DIY method, approach professionals for carpet cleaning in Weybridge. This will help you to get a spotless carpet without any stress.

Are you ready to get your carpets deep cleaned like a professional? Then, a few proven techniques will help you in the long run.

How to deep clean the carpet from professionals?

1. Vacuum cleaning process

The first step professionals use to deep clean the carpet is to vacuum the same thoroughly. Vacuuming will remove dust particles and prevent fibres from settling into the rug. Make sure you get vacuuming done in the hard-to-reach spots and high-traffic areas of the carpet at least once a week.

2. Application of deep cleaning solution

After you’ve vacuumed your carpet, it’s time to deep clean the same. Professionals generally use chemical solutions for deep cleaning purposes. However, you can also opt for a DIY deep cleaning home by mixing detergent with warm water and washing the carpet. This, when done repeatedly, allows for the removal of the stains. It is a powerful stain remover solution; however, the method must be followed consistently.

3. Using carpet brush to clean

Professionals also prefer using carpet brushes to remove dust and dirt after the carpet is washed with warm water. With the help of a carpet brush, soiled portions of the rug, especially the high foot traffic areas, are thoroughly cleaned, and the stains are removed.

4. The wet vacuum cleaning process

With the help of a wet vacuum cleaning process, dirt, dust and debris are removed from the carpet. A wet vacuum is mechanised to suck up the dirt and debris that would otherwise remain invisible on the carpet surface. This is also a well-proven process to keep the carpet fresh, clean, and smelling well. If you have pet hairs or other particles, this is an excellent way to get rid of them.

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