Cleaning a carpet is a complicated task that every homeowner has to face. No matter the kind of carpet you own, you must be particular about taking care of it. You can perform this work alone or can book the service of a top carpet cleaning service.

Trust Only in A Professional:

Only a professional can help you to clean all the dirt from the carpet with quality materials. They have a team with the experience to perform carpet cleaning in Sunbury. However, as the carpet owner, you may have specific questions to ask the carpet cleaner.

Common Questions About Carpet Cleaning:

Here are a few common questions that arise when you perform carpet cleaning by a professional.

1. How often is the Cleaning Necessary?

The cleaning frequency of a carpet and a rug depends on several factors. Traffic and pet attacks are some of the primary ones among them. Experts generally call for cleaning the carpet once a year. However, this may vary if the carpet is prone to damage or pet accidents.

2. Can the Carpets be Power Cleaned?

Though power washers are specialised equipment for deep cleaning, it is better to avoid them while cleaning the carpets. The pressure of the power washer is immense, which can destroy the rug’s delicate fibres. You might have the risk of damaging an antique carpet by applying a power cleaner to it.

3. Can We Clean the Carpets with a Vacuum?

Taking more time for vacuuming is the key to cleaning carpets. The rug’s fringes are best avoided, as they can disintegrate due to the vacuum’s suction power. Taking time to clean the backside of the carpet is also a practical idea. Vacuuming the carpets regularly rather than when it looks dirty is a better idea.

4. Is Baking Soda A Good Cleaning Agent for Carpets?

Many people trust baking soda as a great cleaning agent for carpets. However, it cannot be used for multiple cleaning uses as it can deteriorate the carpet’s original colour. Baking soda is much more abrasive, and you can only apply it on some kinds of carpets or rugs.

These are some common questions that come to your mind for cleaning your carpet. You can contact Nick Lewis Cleaning Services for better assistance cleaning carpets and hosiery. We are one of the most trusted businesses regarding carpet cleaning in Sunbury. Our company has a professional experience of more than 30 years. For more details, you can visit our website.